Service Center

Cigna Taiwan upholds "customer-centric" value and dedicates to providing convenient services for policyholders through a wide range of channels. You can download the below application forms here based on your needs.

In order to provide you better services, you are welcome to contact us for further information or inquiry. We will assign a service staff to attend to your need. 
1 Using local number for free calls, please dial  0800-011-709 (complimentary call), and for mobile phones, please dial 02-6623-2688(regular pay phone)
2 If you are calling from abroad, please dial the overseas local international prefix code +886 2-6623-2688(will charge by your international telecom provider fee table)
3 If you have Indonesia、Thai、Philippine、Vietnam, or English-language communication requirement, you can call  <1955>, which is a Special Counselling Hotline provided by the Ministry of Labor, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Cigna Taiwan assists our clients to have a healthier, happier and more secure future.